Christian Stredicke
CEO of Vodia Networks

With snom ONE moving more and more into the cloud, we needed to address an old problem. There are usually several persons taking care about the system. Giving them all the same username and password is a bad idea, just like giving everyone the master key for the building. As employees join and leave companies, they must have their own credentials for logging into the system.

So we finally added multiple administrators. There are now three levels:

The “super administrator” is what we know from before. This person has full control over the PBX, including managing other administrators. When upgrading to 5.0.4, this account will stay the same.

The “system administrator” is similar to the super administrator, but cannot create, change or delete the super administrator or other system administrator accounts. There can be many system administrators, each one of them with their own password.

The “domain administrator” is similar to what was previously known as domain administrator permission of an extension. Those domain administrators can be set up in the domain properties by the system or super administrators, and each domain can have multiple domain administrators.

The point here is that the domain administrators don’t count against and account licenses. This was a problem with the previous concept, as usually one account had to be sacrificed for administration purposes. Also, the system administrators don’t count against the license.

This also explains why the “login as” selection box has disappeared from the login screen. Now it is well defined what role each account has.