Provisioning Gateways

Christian Stredicke
CEO of Vodia Networks

Practically all telephone systems support automatic provisioning of handsets today. This is a great thing, as it dramatically speeds up installations and reduces error because of misconfigured devices.

However the number of systems that are able to provision PSTN gateways is quite limited. This is probably because there is usually only one gateway and many phones. It makes sense to focus on the many devices first and then take a look at the few devices like gateways. This is what we also did.

The day has come when the Vodia PBX starts provisioning gateways. Starting with Patton and AudioCodes gateways, we start automatic detection in 5.2.3. When you plug in such a gateway, the PBX automatically shows the device in the web interface. Thanks to websocket we are now able to update the status in real-time. The user then can assign the gateway to a domain and select basic parameters like the number of PSTN lines that are being used. The PBX then pushes the configuration to the gateway and creates trunks and dial plans automatically. This way, installers can get at least the basic setup working and can fine-tune parameters later.

As we did not release 5.2.3 yet, you will need to use a beta if you want to try this feature out. We do appreciate the feedback from resellers. Also, we would like to integrate more devices in this gateway plug-and-play mechanism.