The new traffic graph

Christian Stredicke
CEO of Vodia Networks

With version 5.0.6 we have added another graph in the system status page and in the daily system emails.

This new feature should help identifying problems when the system is under heavy load from malfunctioning web browsers and also when the system is under attack.

It monitors the number of packets per second for HTTP and for SIP. Each registration usually generates between 0.01 and 0.05 packets per second. So if you have 20 registrations, you should have up to 1 packet per second for SIP. During the day when there are phone calls going on, you have additional traffic for those calls.

The new traffic graph

Things get dangerous when there are more than let’s say 100 packets per second. Then the traffic is becoming a stress for the system and there is probably something going on that needs further investigation.

The new graph is an additional tool to ensure overall system health and early warning if parameters drift out of the green zone.