Christian Stredicke
CEO of Vodia Networks

Those who were already using pbxnsip in the old days might remember that we had a module that was connecting the PBX with the property management system (PMS). This module was doing things like putting international phone calls on the bill of the customer like you would order a drink at the bar. But it was also doing other things like telling the front desk that a room has been cleaned up or that the guest has turned on the do-not-disturb sign on the phone.

The functions are done using the UHLL protocol, which stands for Universal Hospitality Language Layer. Apart from billing calls, there are many functions that have nothing to do with telephony that can be done using this protocol. Those who frequently stay in hotels might discover more of them during their next stay.

In those old pbxnsip days we chose to put this piece of software as a glue logic between the PBX itself and the PBX. However it was complicating the setup, as another piece of software had to be installed and kept running. Considering the actual relatively low complexity of the program itself compared to the PBX, we decided to fully integrate it with the other PBX code this time, so that activating the functionality can be done easily in the license key.

The UHLL will be part of the next release (5.2.5 or maybe 5.3). Those who would like to take a peek are welcome to send us an email and request a beta build.