Vodia mini PBX

Christian Stredicke
CEO of Vodia Networks

We have released a new product, the „Vodia mini PBX“. It is an appliance running on a standard embedded ARM server, in a metal casing.

The benefits of this new appliance is that is saves a lot of electricity compared to a regular server. Because the PBX service is typically a 24/7 service, the power is an important cost factor in operating a PBX. The cost of the power can be multiples of the server cost over the lifetime of the product.

Another factor especially for small offices without server room is noise, or the absence of it. Because the device is low-power, it does not need a fan. It also does not have a hard drive.

The device comes with features that are common with full-blown servers. It does allow SSH access, it supports dual IPv4/IPv6 operation, and other features can be added from the Linux distribution as needed. If necessary, additional memory can be added with a USB stick or a SD card.

Resellers could as well build this appliance on their own; and some may do that. However we have done the necessary installation, saving resellers the time to figure the details out that it takes to install the PBX. In addition to that, we have added an attractive license model that is specially targeted at small installations that the device targets.