Christian Stredicke
CEO of Vodia Networks

In 5.2.0 we have reworked the ACD statistics that was already available on domain level. However we made the information available on the user-level. This requires that the user is part of the ACD.

The user can click on a link at the left side of the screen. For each ACD where the user is a member, a link for that ACD is shown. Only one ACD is shown at a time.

Thanks to the wide availability of websockets in most modern browsers, the PBX is able to update the ACD wallboard in real-time. Previously the PBX largely relied on periodic updating of the page; this had the disadvantage that is was not able to show incoming calls fast enough and at times when there was not much going on it generated unnecessary traffic. With the new implementation, agents are able to see calls while they are hitting the group.

The wallboard also contains information about the number of calls during the day. There are per-agent statistics available. Those show how many calls were made, how long they lasted in total and on average. Also additional information about the hold duration and about the agent idle time before answering is available now. We have also included the history of the last few calls. This is useful in the wrap-up time, when the agents is finishing the notes about the call.

The wallboard also works while the user is in a WebRTC conversation going on. This was an important feature that we added some versions ago to allow navigation within the user portal. The agents can use the web browser not only as a wallboard; it also replaces the soft phone.

The huge advantage about using the web browser for showing the wallboard is that it works with virtually all platforms. No matter if the agent is using PC, Mac, tablet or even a cell phone with a sufficiently large display in all cases the wallboard is available. And when the PBX is available on a public IP address or properly set up behind NAT, the wallboard can be available from any location in the internet, including home offices and on the road.