Media Error

Christian Stredicke
CEO of Vodia Networks

One thing that is becoming a real problem is that WebRTC works only if there is a secure connection between the PBX and the browser. If that is the case, the user sees the stunning error "Media Error", which took even us some time to figure out that this actually means that the connection is not trusted.

The obvious answer is to use HTTPS when logging into the PBX. However the plain user cannot know that. This is why we have added a setting that automatically takes the user to the secure web page. The setting can be found in the admin mode under network settings ports "Redirect to HTTPS". You should turn this setting on.

The next problem then will probably by that your server does not have a valid certificate. Now might be the time to get a certificate that is trusted by your users. WebRTC will probably the certificate business some extra boost as it pushes even the users PBX to install "valid" certificates!

In case you don't want to spend that money, you can as well just ask us to issue a certificate for you from the Vodia Root CA. If you have purchased a license this is one of the extra perks that you might not know about. The catch is that you need to add the Vodia Root CA to the list of trusted CA.

Or you just get over it and click the security warnings out of the way. There will be that red sign on your browser that the connection is not trusted, but WebRTC will work anyway.