mini upgrades

Christian Stredicke
CEO of Vodia Networks

One of the topics that we finally addressed is the upgrade of the snom ONE mini and SoHo devices. Because these devices did not have activation codes and many of them are actually running the version 4 free version, upgrading them was a special case.

Upgrading SoHo and mini devices works now like this. When you purchase the version 5 license, you can now use the MAC address of the device as the promotion code (a.k.a. voucher) for the ten, twenty or premium five, ten or twenty bundles. You will see that the bundle is then 50 % off the regular price. Please keep in mind that the license generated after the purchase is restricted to that MAC address and you can do this only one time. Using a MAC address of the SoHo that you have somewhere in your closet to upgrade your PC server is not a good idea, because the license will expect to see the SoHo MAC on the network device.

We also added another license that at first glance does not make sense: the premium five license. But there are at least two reasons for this license. First of all, the free license is technically only for demonstration purposes while the premium five is a license that can be used in production. The other reason is that the new premium five license has more calls and more accounts than the free edition.