UC-Reseller Launches Automated Provisioning Platform Based on Vodia System.

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UC-Reseller today (26th November 2020) launches a Reseller Automated Provisioning Platform based on the Vodia Networks MultiTenant PBX called UC-247.

UC-247 will allow resellers to advertise their Vodia PBX offering on their website, and whilst the prospective client is in the purchasing mode, enable them to complete a few simple steps, all maintaining the Reseller brand, using the resellers set pricing, and their terms and conditions. Once completed the system will take initial payment by Debit/Credit Card and setup a recurring monthly Direct Debit (both using the resellers payment gateways). The platform immediately provisions the PBX, Domain, SSL Certificate, DNS, Extensions, SIP Trunks, Hunt Groups, Dial Plans, DIDs, Number Purchases, Number Porting, all without any work from the reseller. In fact, the reseller could be sleeping, on holiday, or playing a round of golf, the first the reseller is aware is via an email confirming they have a new client.

UC-Reseller’s reseller community now have the fastest SLA on delivering a working phone system within seconds of the order completion, this will be a disruptive in the telecommunications space, allowing prospective end-users to purchase when they are in the buying mode, and delivery of the service within seconds of the order completion.

The platform has been developed by UC-Reseller, who are the UK’s preferred Vodia Distributor and SIP Trunking Provider. The Vodia API and our enhanced knowledge and experience of the Vodia PBX has allowed us to complement Vodia’s offering, enabling a whole eco system to support resellers. 

Vodia are channel focused, do not advertise pricing on their website, do not engage with resellers end-users directly (in fact they don’t even ask who they are). Features include a True MultiTenant, Microsoft Teams Integration out of the Box, plus, other features not included within other manufacturer’s feature set. All this enables resellers to white label the Vodia PBX, focusing on building the resellers business and brand demonstrating Vodia’s commitment to the channel. It is no wonder Distributor UC-Reseller has seen a large switch from other less focused channel telecoms manufacturers. 

UC-Reseller has an exciting development roadmap for the service and are excited to enable the Reseller community to be different in a crowded marketplace.

Stuart Rudd, Director of Channel Development at UC-Reseller said

 “Enabling resellers to have the latest disruptive technology, enabling a significant difference in a crowded marketplace and enabling end users of resellers to purchase when they are in the buying mode is essential to resellers gaining more business.” He continued to say “This solutions brings the Vodia PBX and SIP Trunking together in an Eco System that allows an immediate deployment from the Resellers Website, whilst the prospective client is in the buying mode, completed within minutes, why should your clients have to wait? Come and join the Real Revolution!”

Adam Mathews, Senior VoIP Solutions Specialist at UC-Reseller said

 “This is a turn key solution for resellers, allowing them to deliver more, it even allows resellers to use the platform to commission a PBX, as it is quicker than an Engineer doing it manually, and we have timed it!” And continued “This provisioning platform combined with our UC-Billing Platform allow new entrants to the telecoms market to commence selling, and billing in a compliant manner quickly, reducing the learning curve.”

Ryan Dean, Account Manager at UC-Reseller said

 “I often work with new resellers in telecoms, including MSPs migrating into telecoms.  This platform will allow them to automate the commissioning of the PBX freeing up time for up-selling new clients” and continued “The key is automation, this self provisioning platform is a game changer and we expect it to be disruptive and enable our resellers to be different in a crowded market place.”

UC-Reseller will be holding several Webinars demonstrating the new platform to resellers details can be found on UC-Resellers Webinar Page. https://ucreseller.co.uk/webinars-events/ 

Eric Altman, Sales Engineer at Vodia Networks said

 “The team at Vodia are very pleased to be part of the Launch of the UC-Reseller UC-247 Provisioning Platform. We see the potential this has to increase reseller sales, reduce reseller installation times to zero, and allow resellers to concentrate on up selling existing clients – as we all know its easier to sell to an existing client, this system does the hard bit of client acquisition, but the secret sauce, is the system enables the prospective purchaser to purchase when they are in the buying mode. Psychologically this is very strong, and because the delivery of the purchased service is there and then, we expect client satisfaction to be high.” And continued “We are excited about the disruption this platform is going to cause in the marketplace, and the road map for the platform.”

Jared Blake, V.P. Of Partners at Vodia Networks said:

 “We believe this is a game changer for Vodia Partners, allowing immediate delivery of services purchased, whenever they are purchased.” And continued “we believe a large number of resellers will want to adopt this technology or face been asked the question, ‘why cant I have my phone system in minutes’ from prospective clients, this system will set new end-user expectations, that can be delivered using the UC-247 platform with ease.”


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About UC-Reseller

UC-Reseller is a wholesale telecommunications provider supplying voice and data networks, including phone systems produced by several leading manufacturers, with full support to our channel partners, resellers, and sub-distributors. UC-Reseller is a technical solutions house, making the impossible probable, and the probable possible, by using our experience and knowledge in the sector, assisting our reseller base to deliver customer-specific solutions and turning dreams into reality. UC-Reseller provides comprehensive unified communications solutions via our resellers and sub-distributors from assisting with solution specification, validation, implementation support, to bespoke tariffs, complete with pro-active support for our resellers and sub-distributors. With the head office in Wolverhampton, and having a London office, the company is dedicated to supporting the Reseller, Sub-Distribution channel to ensure its resellers have a differential in a crowded marketplace, ensuring its resellers win more business.

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About Vodia Networks

Vodia has been a trendsetter in the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) industry for over a decade. Since 2006, Vodia has led the VoIP world in innovation and forward-thinking development, particularly with its early adoption of a multi-tenancy platform for its customers. They were the first with this offering and are still one of the very few that can deliver it.


Today, Vodia develops and provides leading-edge software for Unified Cloud Communications which are trending significantly on a global scale. Their array of products and services – Vodia IOVodia IOP, and Vodia Single Tenant or Hosted PBX Software – position Vodia uniquely in that they can provide solutions for practically every type of business communications need.


Additionally, their offerings are compatible with an unprecedented number of technologies including desk phones, softphones, API’s for numerous third-party SW and CRM systems.

Vodia Networks maintains a global presence with offices in four countries. Localized information is available in Germany, France, Australia, Hong Kong, and South Africa.

Vodia Phone System is an award-winning software-based office phone system that replaces traditional proprietary hardware PBX. It has been developed specifically for Microsoft Windows/Linux and the SMB market – making it easy to install and manage. Being based on the open SIP standard, the Vodia Phone system works with any SIP-based VOIP provider, VOIP gateway, or phone. The product integrates easily with most business networks because it runs on Windows and Linux. The Vodia PBX comes with easy-to-use, built-in customizable templates for resellers looking to add extra value and visibility to their offerings. Options like these make Vodia a great choice for those resellers who are looking for a pain-free administrative experience while increasing the potential for larger revenue streams.


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