Send CDR multiple times per day

Christian Stredicke
CEO of Vodia Networks

We recently had a interesting request: Send the CDR report every hour.

What at first glance sounds like a thing that we cannot do, at second glance it is actually not such a big deal. Instead of interpreting the cdr_time input field just as one time, we just interpret it as a list of fields and whenever there is a match, we send the CDR out.

While we are on it, we also updated the form validation for the cdr_time field. So far this field is only used with the ACD, but in principle it could also be used with other account types that send CDR out at "midnight" (whatever that exactly is).

The fact that we have recently updated our internal database structure to deal with such CDR much faster, this is becoming a practical option also for busy systems. Especially on multi-tenant systems where the CDR size spreads out a lot more that on a busy, single-tenant system it puts a lot less load on the system even during a busy day now.

The new format can now accept a format like 9:00 12:00 18:00 00:00 to send out the CDR report every six hours. It is still in 24-hour format. This will be in version 58.3 and on