58.2 build

Christian Stredicke
CEO of Vodia Networks

We have made a version 58.2 that should serve as a intermediate version between 58.0 and 59.0.

58.0 was a major overhaul from the good old web interface that we were using for at least for 5 years. It was not a major surprise that the brand new interface had a couple of challenges that we fixed over the past few weeks. While those changes are all very useful, we still don't believe that they deserve the name 59.0 so we made a build 58.2 today that contains all those fixes for all supported platforms.

We are still working on 59.0 where we will include a complete set of input validation along with the full release notes. As for now, the 58.2 release notes are mostly just fixes in the web interface. If you are coming from a 57 or even lower version, you should move to 58.2 and skip the 58.0 version.

We will make intermediate build under the name 58.3 in order to avoid confusion what exact version people are running.