Restoring domains with references to global trunks

Asad Khan
Senior Product Manager at Vodia Networks

The possibility to make a domain backup and then restore it on another system has become a widely used feature to move domains; but also a great and simple possible to create domain templates that can be used as a starting point when creating new domains.

Many hosted PBX service providers use global trunks for their clients. When making a domain backup, all references outside of that domain are problematic as they might not exist in the new environment. When it comes to trunks, the backup included the trunk name in the dial plan; when restoring the domain the PBX was searching for the trunk name in the restored name and used it as the reference.

However references to global trunks were lost. This is something that we will change in the next version (probably 57.3). Now the PBX will first try to find the trunk in the restored domain. If it is there, it will use it. This is just like before. However if it was not there, the PBX will try to find a global trunk with that name on the system and if it is there, use the reference.

This will obviously work when cloning domains within the same PBX system, and this is already a great improvement for domain management. For moving and cloning domains between different systems it will also work, as long as the global trunks have the same name. Because of this we suggest to choose the same name for global trunks between systems if you indent to reference them from client domains. This will make it much easier to move and set up new domains from templates.