Ring tones for Yealink phones

Christian Stredicke
CEO of Vodia Networks

The next version will come with new ring tones for the Yealink phone series.

What we have done is to add 10 WAV files to the PBX that are by default provisioned to the Yealink phones. Instead of downloading them on the fly, we decided to provision them at the beginning. This has the advantage that there is no additional delay when the call comes in, and if the download fails, it does not mess up an incoming call. Also this should work well when the phone was not automatically provisioned.

If you don't like our tones, you can easily upload your own tones. Just drop them into the html/img folder. The files have the names ringer1.wav...ringer10.wav. They need to be in the format proposed by Yealink, which is the same audio format used in the PBX.

The tones are available through the standard drop downs, for example in the ACD or in the hunt groups.