New Ringtones For Vodia

Vodia Networks
Vodia Networks Team

Vodia has handcrafted some new ringtones to try on your Vodia PBX phone system to download them individually follow this link



Adding files

You have the option to personalize your experience by uploading custom audio files for general purposes or ringback tones. To upload an audio file:

  1. Click the "Add" button


  1. Type a description and choose the appropriate options from the drop-down menus

  2. Upload the audio file that you would like to add. Files need to be in .wav format, in mono, and 8kHz.


For ring patterns, the system can add a ring pattern to your file. This makes it easy to generate variants of your ring melody. If the file should not be changed, select None.

After the file has been uploaded, you can play it back to test it by clicking on the green play button towards the right of the screen.



Additional ring files

Additional files are available for your convenience from the following links:


Chirp 1ringer1.wav

Chirp 2ringer2.wav

Chirp 3ringer3.wav

Chirp 4ringer4.wav

Chirp 5ringer5.wav

Chirp 6ringer6.wav

Chirp 7ringer7.wav

Chirp 8ringer8.wav