School bell

Christian Stredicke
CEO of Vodia Networks

One feature we had on our to do list for years: Being able to page the school bell. We were already to line up pages, e.g. for busy paging accounts or just to avoid echo for live paging. But those pages were not scheduled, they were played back as soon as possible.
Now we have changed that. The service flag triggers the playback. Because the service flag has two edges, there are actually two events that can start the page. Three more settings in the service flag control this:

  • The paging account that should be triggered when a change occurs. If there is no paging account selected, then there will be no page when this change occurs.
  • Two settings that select the WAV file that should played when the account gets active or inactive, respectively.

If you set up a service flag that defines the class times, you can now easily have the overhead paging speaker take over the role of the school bell.
This feature is not limited to school bells. You can use it also to make break announcements and even read out good night stories. The size of the WAV files is not limited, uploading a 5 minute page is no bid deal.
The feature also works for manual changes. That means by changing the state of a service flag you can trigger a page as well. Combining this with a phone button, you trigger page sounds with every key press.
It is available in all builds after 59.8.