Configuring Skyetel SMS with the Vodia Phone System

Hamlet Collado
Marketing & Sales at Vodia Networks

SMS is cool when you can send SMS and MMS messages to customers right from your user portal. 

To configure your Skyetel SMS login into your Skyetel portal and navigate

to the 3 cogs wheels in the right-hand corner. Show below, this will bring you to the API section. 


Skyetel API Creation 



Chose API Keys and click on create and provide note "Name: For example 




API Key Created

You will need the SID and the Secret, copy these into note pad


Configuring Skyetel number for SMS 

Next we need to configure a number for SMS, navigate "Phone numbers" then local numbers. 




Next click on the number you want to edit "Cog" wheel and navigate to SMS & MMS

Set up the following values shown below, 

  • Forward: Callback URL 

  • URL:

  • Method:  POST

  • Delivery Confirmation is optional 


Vodia Text Messaging settings 

On your Vodia phone system navigate to "Messaging ---> Notification" you will need the following values 

  • Provider: Skyetel 
  • Username or Account: This will be your SID token 
  • Application secret:  This will be your SID Secrete 
  • Text messaging enabled for domains by default "On-Off" optional 
  • URL prefix for receiving messages: recvsms 
  • Address for pulling MMS content:
  • Default ANI for sending SMS messages:  Skyetel programmed number or can be left and assigned to the user extension SMS ANI 


Assigng SMS

The number used for SMS needs to be assign to the extension SMS ANI shown below. 

All the extension on the tenant need thier own SMS number, whether it's thier main DID which could be use for as an SMS ANI as well. 

Once you have assign the SMS ANI number, navige to your user portal, enter a number and click on the message icon to start.