Software releases from the drop down

Christian Stredicke
CEO of Vodia Networks

We have finally added something that we wanted to add a long time ago: A drop down that lists the available software released with their XML links in the software update page for the PBX.

Countless emails have been sent with links to the latest XML files. Now we can save a lot of time on our end and PBX admins save a lot of time figuring out what version they can update to.

While we were on it, it also lists what versions are available for that particular license. This makes it easier to upgrade to the last licensed version. It also serves as reminder to keep the software license up to date. It either displays a link to copy the link into the update link or redirects the user to the Vodia license page.

We still did not touch the policy of automatic update. It must be up to the administrator to decide when to upgrade a system and to what version. Nobody wants to be surprised coming into the office in the morning with a new updated PBX, especially when things are not working as they were the day before.

It is all done by loading a JavaScript file from the Vodia web page. This is the loop hole in the sandbox of the browser to load content dynamically from an external web site, in this case the web site. This has become a common way to load extra content that does not directly come from the main web site.

The new feature comes with the latest 58.1 version in builds made from today on. We hope it makes software upgrades easier for everyone.