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There are many benefits to telecommuting. Telecommuting allows a worker greater freedom regarding his or her work hours and work location. It gives the employee more flexibility to balance work and personal obligations. Often, working from home can make you more productive, because you do not have the distractions of office space. There are also many benefits to employers. Allowing workers to telecommute often makes them more productive, which benefits the company.  With virtual communication traffic on the rise, Vodia is positioned to pump out the best and most efficient PBX software in the cloud. 

Vodia unified communication 

The Vodia Softphone supports all the features,a desktop phone can handle. 

Available using Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android

        UC Features

  • Receive and make calls
  • Hold calls
  • Mute Calls
  • Park Calls 
  • Check user presence 
  • Agent group Analytics
  • Chat and SMS
  • Desktop and Cell Phone simultaneous ring 
  • Remote users can use their smartphones to make calls using the Disa Feature 
  • Install the Vodia App or the Desktop VoIP client on Windows 
  • Hunt group: Incoming calls will be distributed  by stages to a group of local or remote users 
  • Agent group: Incoming calls will be distributed systematically to a group of local or remote users 




Vodia Windows Softphone 

Download the Vodia softphone for your Windows machine, The VSC will use the laptop mic and speaker when making an outbound call or receiving an inbound call notification. You can also use a USB headset or Bluetooth device. You can monitor your colleague's presence if they're on a call or unavailable, you can also chat with your peers if they're on a call. Download the Vodia Windows softphone. 



 Follow me find me 

The Vodia Phone system follows your workforce where they go, by using the cell phone as a point of communication, your users can receive incoming company calls, transfer, hold, conference a call as well as making an outbound call, by calling into the phone system main number. Users will receive instructions from the phone system when he/she calls the company's main number. Caller ID can vary as the domain administrator can program the phone system to use the user's caller ID "ANI" or the company's main phone number. To learn more about our DISA feature visit us at


Cell Overview Features

  • Receive company calls with caller ID
  • Call in to listen to voicemail 
  • Place an outbound call 
  • Join a calling campaign by using the callback list
  • Receive a call back from the phone system to make outbound calls. 


Remote Desktop phones 

desktop phone

Vodia already supports all the major SIP desktop manufacturers today. Remote workers can easily power on their desktop device and plug in the CAT5 internet wire, to connect to the internet so the phone can program itself to the phone system. 

To learn more about our support SIP desktop phone, visit us at 


For more information on how to provision a SIP desktop phone with the Vodia PBX phone system visit us at 


CRM integration 


If you're already using a CRM software for your company, Vodia can pair up with the following CRM systems today.


Installing the Vodia PBX phone system 



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