Vodia Multi-tenant CloudPBX

Hamlet Collado
Marketing & Sales at Vodia Networks

Vodia managed voice is a multi-tenant PBX phone system that delivers granular management control settings and secure VoIP. It's the go-to solution for MSP companies that want to scale up in an efficient way with a pragmatic approach. Designed for cloud telephony, ITSP and MSP companies can build a new business onto their existing one, and centrally manage their customers per domain on one PBX instance. 

What features does Vodia managed voice offer?

Does Vodia output CDR reports? Yes

Does Vodia Support softphone provisioning? Yes

Is Vodia PBX Asterisk based? 

  • Non Asterisk
  • No Spyware 
  • Does not use 3rd party libraries
  • Totally built from the ground up

Is there an upfront cost?

Vodia offers free onboarding through our Vodia speed training program. There's no upfront cost to start and no hidden gimmicks. Our business model is simple - offer our partners the best possible experience in phone provisioning, scaling, and simple management.

Does Vodia offer SIP Trunking?  

Vodia provides only the software PBX but supports many SIP trunk providers.

What SIP desktop devices does Vodia managed voice support?

Installing Vodia PBX

Before installing the Vodia PBX you will first need to sign up, then ask about our MT 60 day trial license.

Choose to install Vodia PBX on Linux or Windows

Can the Vodia PBX be installed in a cloud environment? Yes

Vodia supports all hosted cloud providers 

  • Deploy from DigitalOcean
  • Google cloud
  • Amazon web services
  • Azure
  • OVH
  • Amazon light sail

Does Vodia support dockers? Yes

Does Vodia support CRM integration? Yes

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Deploy staright from DigitalOcean Marketplace 

Windows AWS installation 

Linux AWS installation