What is automatic call distribution?

Hamlet Collado
Marketing & Sales at Vodia Networks

An agent group, also known as automatic call distribution (ACD), is a system that routes incoming calls to a specific group of agents. Before connecting to an agent, callers are placed inside a queue, allowing agents to deal with incoming calls without losing other callers to busy signals or unanswered phones. While waiting, callers hear music and pre-recorded announcements. Agent groups can be monitored using a number of monitoring methods.



  • Agents can be apart of many ACD groups
  • An agent can use the CID of the ACD when calling customers
  • SIP Desktop phones buttons can be programmed for agents to log in and out of groups
  • Managers can track agents performance 
  • Recordings can be reviewed by managers 
  • WebRTC user portal, make and receive inbound calls




Agent groups are often found in offices that handle high-volume customer calls from callers who do not need to speak with a specific person but who require assistance from any of multiple persons, like sales representatives and airline reservations attendants. Agent groups have a wide range of features set, that improve agent response time and also outputs agents reports. 

      ACD Features 

  • Call log
  • Call backlist
  • Wallboard
  • Recorded calls board
  • Outbound calling 
  • Music on hold
  • Agent recovery time
  • Agent selection using an advanced algorithm
  • Distinctive ring 
  • Advanced Caller -ID presentation 
  • Call routing based on (Queue entry time)
  • Cell phone forking
  • Daily CDR reports
  • CRM integration
  • Recording 
  • Night service account
  • Background music 
  • Announcement 
  • Queue Positioning Announcements
  • Upload up to 10 advertisement announcements
  • Callback feature
  • Log in/out buttons for SIP desktop phones
  • Agent group Analytics
  • Calling campaigns 
  • Live calls wallboard
  • Barge in mode, teach mode, whisper mode

For information on Vodia ACD groups visit us at https://doc.vodia.com/agentgroups

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