Telnyx SMS With Vodia PBX

Hamlet Collado
Marketing & Sales at Vodia Networks

Sending and receiving text messages globally with V.1 Telnyx is now possible on the Vodia PBX user portal 

To get started you'll need to set up a Telnyx account for messaging. You will also need to purchase a number for the messaging to work. 


Purchase a Telnyx Number

Sign into your Telnyx account and navigate to Number, next choose your region and choose a selected feature SMS. 



Create a Telnyx Profile

Navigate to Messaging on the left corner to create your profile. Click on Add new profile. 



  • Name your profile
  • Choose API Version 1
  • Add your Messaging callback URL example http://yourpbx/recvsms
  • Create 


Edit Your Profile

  • Click pencil edit icon to edit the profile


Inbound settings

Under Inbound settings "Send a Webhook to this URL" Enter your 




API Token

You will need your API Token for the Vodia PBX

  • Copy API V1 Profile secret 



Vodia Messaging 

Navigate to your Admin --- Messaging and Notification 

Under Text Messaging

  • Choose Telnyx as the provider
  • Enter your Token from the profile secret
  • Importants Enter your Telnyx phone number with the following fomat +16178889685





Each user can have there own SMS ANI, you can set this up under the extension general settings. The number will be present when sending out an SMS on the user portal. 



User portal and SMS

Make sure you're running the latest Vodia PBX.  Here's a link to the latest build

Log into your user portal and type in a cell phone number under the home screen and click the message icon. 

Note: The number be in the following format +17815698523



You will be presented with the chat window. Type in your SMS message and press enter on your keyboard. 





Tune in for our next Blog on Incoming SMS on the Vodia PBX.