Vodia Billing with Stripe

Hamlet Collado
Marketing & Sales at Vodia Networks

How Stripe Payment Works. Stripe is a payment processor, which means it supports the electronic transfer of money from a customer's bank (issuing bank), into a merchant's bank (acquiring bank) as payment for goods or services bought with a credit card. Vodia uses Stripe for postpay or pre-pays on the Vodia hosted PBX. We will discuss how to set up your Stripe account with Vodia billing. 


Setup up the billing plan

Navigate to the administrator, and click on "List" then Monthly Billing

  • Name your Plan.
  • Choose your Currency.
  • Create a Fix account along with a description and price for the plan. 
  • If you're using the call rates, please refer to https://doc.vodia.com/trunk_rates to learn more. 
  • Click on the Add button to add the plan.



Assign the plan to a domain

In order for billing to work per domain, you'll need to assign the newly created plan to a domain. 

  • Navigate to your domain
  • Click on the edit_button
  • Scroll to Plan
  • Assign your new Plan and save




Adding a prepaid amount on the domain

  • Navigate to Settings ---> General Settings
  • Scroll down to Billing Settings and credit for outbound calls and save



Stripe Billing 

You'll need to signup with Stripe to acquire your Stripe API at https://stripe.com/. The API Keys will be used on the Vodia PBX billing section. 




Adding your Stripe API Token

If you're running The Vodia hosted edition. you can navigate to Monthly Billing under the administrator page. Navigate to Stripe settings. 



Enter your Stripe public key and your Stripe secret Key under the Stripe Parameter. If you would like to send the monthly invoice manually you can turn on or off the feature. 



Adding the customer billing information

  • Navigate to your domain
  • Click on Advance
  • Choose Billing Settings
  • Enter the customer billing address Note: Billing information will be sent to Stripe's network 



  • Add the customer company card, Note: All credit card information will not be saved on the Vodia PBX but sent to Stripe's network
  • Auto-Refill "Here you can add an Automatic charge for the customer. 
  • Current account credit is added on the domain as shown above
  • Add a charge amount
  • Add a minimum account balance and save



If you have any questions please send us an email at support@vodia.com